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Hosted by: Kerri Altom

You’re ready to RISE into a brighter future- to explore new habits, new ideas, and new ways of being. Join award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and leadership expert Kerri Altom for ideas and strategies to help you...


How Being Kind is a Radical Secret Weapon

Season #2 Episode #20

In a time of so much turmoil, what if kindness can be revolutionary? What if kind thoughts and kind words could heal ourselves and the world? It can be hard to muster kindness when we’re feeling anxious, sad, even...
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Are you procrastinating your life away? Change your story and get productive instead!

Season #2 Episode #19

Everybody procrastinates. We have to. We can’t possibly do every single thing right now. But when we keep putting things off we’re often trying to protect ourselves from making mistakes or draining our energy.Too much...
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The Absolutely Life Changing Money Story Switch

Season #2 Episode #18

It starts with a money story switch, but the real payoff is more time, wellness, and ease. Your money stories reflect your experiences, beliefs, and goals. They shape your feelings, thoughts, and the actions you take....
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The True Story of Teens. It’s All About Growth: Theirs and Ours.

Season #2 Episode #17

The teen years are tough, for all of us. But, as leaders, mentors, and parents of teens, there’s a lot we can do to support their resilience. And develop our own.Kerri’s conversation with Dr. Jen Doty explores ways to...
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Gratitude, How You Get More Than You Give

Season #2 Episode #16

We’ve heard much ado about gratitude as a feeling that heals us. But the benefits of gratitude are bigger than that. In today’s episode, we talk about how expressing our gratitude sets off a chain reaction. Sharing...
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Did You Know? Stories LITERALLY Change Your Mind!

Season #2 Episode #15

Yep, stories change us. Literally. An engaging story starts a cascade of events in our bodies that alters our bodies at the molecular level. Our brains are re-wired, or as neuroscientists say, “live-wired.” And life...
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What is the Danger of a Single Story?

Season #2 Episode #14

You'll never think of stories the same!  Season 2 is about the power of stories- what our stories tell us about ourselves and the world, why our stories define our reality, and how we can use our stories to create a...
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