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I’m Kerri Altom.

I'm an award winning writer, educator and entrepreneur.  As an integrity instigator, I show you how to define your values and align your life.  With my signature framework, The RISE Way, I'm transforming struggling entrepreneurs into impact-making profit-taking leaders of a brighter world.

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You’re ready to RISE into your more powerful purpose. We RISE to help you do it with greater impact and income, offering inspiration, insight, and community. 

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The RISE and Shine podcast.

Our world is changing. It’s time to step up and take action for a brighter future. I have created a podcast for idealists, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are ready to “RISE and Shine” into a brighter future. 

Each week we shine the light on emerging ideas, new strategies, and practical tips to help struggling do-gooders RISE and thrive.

 It’s called “RISE and Shine with Kerri Altom”, and you’ll find it anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

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"The RISE model helped me focus on developing the story for my overseas service project. It brought clarity to the reasons for my trip and helped me share that story. It doubled my fundraising and really boosted my motivation. "

- Bailey C.

"Kerri has a powerful ability to listen, repackage and reframe.  RISE helped me to get perspective on my core values, to not be so clouded by other issues."

- Tanya M.

"Kerri Shines! I loved these first episodes (especially number three) so much and can’t wait to see where Kerri takes us next. Her calm approach is inviting while her thoughts a insights inspire. She has a wonderful gift and next Friday (her publishing day) can’t get here soon enough."

- Liz N.

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