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When integrity-centered leaders RISE the whole world wins.

That's why we empower change-makers with insights,

inspiration and an online learning community. 

This is where you RISE.

Grow your life and leadership on purpose. 

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Ready to change your life?  The RISE Way offers insights, strategies and tools

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You're ready to RISE.

You feel it in your bones, our world is experiencing some hard times.  It's a little scary, but you're ready to take action- for your family, for your community, and for a better world.  

Whether you're committing to a cause you believe in, making a life change, or redirecting your business, RISE offers this single promise: defining and aligning your integrity will transform your life.

The RISE Way is a model for leadership and personal development centered on the practice of integrity. The RISE Way is also the habits you develop and the way your life evolves when your integrity is central. It's how you dig a little deeper and reach a little higher. It's how you start growing in ways you couldn't have imagined.  We'll show you.  

You're ready for less stress, more joy and greater impact. You're eager to focus on the values, people and causes that matter most. You're ready to RISE.  We're ready to help.

The RISE Blog

Three women who are changing the world with their heart-centered leadership.

Our core values can guide us, we just need to know how to read our map and compass.

So much has been said about the power of intention,and still it's not enough.

When your words and actions align with your truest values, you're living with integrity.  The trick is in knowing and understanding those values.

This single question keeps evolving me forward.  It's a hard one, but it can totally change your life.

What lies are your telling yourself and why?  It's time to get your story straight.

We RISE in Service

RISE is creating a global community committed to service. We provide coaching, training and helpful content to soulful citizens working for the arts, the environment, and social justice.


Our world may feel a bit scary these days, but it is full of epic humans working on the front lines of social change.  These heart-centered leaders make big impacts with impossibly few resources.  Your support helps us provide leadership training and development tools to empower non-profit leaders and community activists.

Two ways to support our work-


  • When you buy RISE courses and products, we extend the gift to others through leadership training scholarships for individuals and non-profit teams. Buy one, give some.

  • Support our "RISE the Tide" project through our Go Fund Me page.  We plan to provide top notch leadership training and support to at least 100 go-getters doing service-based work in their communities in 2019.

So when you RISE, others RISE with you.


Hi, I'm Kerri.

I'm an award-winning writer, activist and creator of The RISE Way. After 20 plus years of teaching, coaching and managing leadership campaigns, I couldn't stand saying "NO" to one more good person or good cause I didn't have time to serve. I couldn't clone myself, so I synthesized my best practices to offer my insights and methods to everyone.

The result is RISE, an integrity-centered model for leadership and personal development. RISE integrates leadership theory with boots-on-the-ground experience, combining practical habits with emerging neuroscience, and teaching you to define and align your core values for big impact.  I've been training and advising activists, entrepreneurs and politicians in these methods for years, with remarkable results.  Now I'm excited to share The RISE Way with you.

Grounding myself in integrity has saved my life. Integrity empowers my work with purpose. The world needs heart-centered leaders like you to take a stand with integrity. You're ready to step up.

I'm dedicated to helping you, so we can all RISE better together.



“The RISE model helped me focus on

developing the story for my overseas service project.

It brought clarity to the reasons for my trip and helped me share that story. It doubled my fundraising and

really boosted my motivation.”

- Bailey C.

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