Hello, True Self!

I remember you. 


Calm your anxiety, fear, & stress.

Renew your personal vision

& feel inspired again.


"You Get a Reset"

  Course Includes:

  • 3 video modules
  • 3 supporting guided meditations 
  • “You Get a Reset” workbook with exercises
  • printable journal pages for your insights and reflections
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Pause to pay attention.  We identify attention strategies, how to explore them, and ways to hold your attention for reflection. 


Develop awareness during your pause, gaining insights to guide your decisions. You learn to fine tune your instincts. 


Use your pause to consider a thought, idea, or emotion. Decide to release, renew, or reset it. So empowering!

Inside your private portal you get access to the entire
"You Get a Reset" course.
You complete the teachings and exercises at your own pace.
When you're ready to up-level your reset strategy,
you can revisit the program at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You Can

Stop Spinning Out of Control.

Get a RESET!

 Does this sound like you? 

  • You’ve been busy all day, resenting others who don’t help. As soon as you’re free you head straight for fast food to numb the rage.
  • You’re done asking your family to watch a movie you’d enjoy, so you fawn indifference and just sleep through half the movie instead.
  • You stayed silent about big issues to be polite, until you finally burst out and indulge in a grandiose rage that totally alienates others. 
 Quit the crazy coping mechanisms. RESET Instead!
Unresolved and unanchored, our thoughts and feelings can swing us way off center and out of control.  We end up wasting time, throwing away money, punishing ourselves, and alienating others. That’s a BIG price to pay!
Alright! I'm in.


...going through your day with clarity and joy. You wake well rested and restored. And you wrap up at night feeling productive and peaceful. 
When issues arise - of course they do - and you feel yourself getting anxious or frustrated, you pause and take a RESET.  It’s 10, maybe 30 seconds, and nobody even notices. But you…? You’re re-centered, re-calibrated, renewed. You’ve done a RESET.


This is what you get when you

give your brain a break!


Using skills like pause, breath, attention, awareness, realization, and more, your RESET practice gives you a quick “systems check” of your mind and body.
You’ve learned to RESET, you’ve created the habits, you've developed a practice, and now you’re pretty much in love with your calm and kind and joyful self.
Yes, please!

You Get A Reset





This is the "You Get a Reset" soft launch. It's the first time Kerri is offering this class online, and the price will never be this low again.
Grab your opportunity to Reset now!