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The True Story of Teens. It’s All About Growth: Theirs and Ours.

Season #2 Episode #17

The teen years are tough, for all of us. But, as leaders, mentors, and parents of teens, there’s a lot we can do to support their resilience. And develop our own.

Kerri’s conversation with Dr. Jen Doty explores ways to support our teens to develop positive habits of personal development. Spoiler alert, as always it starts with our own personal growth.

Jen is a professor and mother, podcaster and now author, having just co-authored the book, “Parenting Teens in Stressful Times.”. Jen’s work focuses on resilience for teens, parents, and families… something that’s more important now than ever.

Something to listen for? Well, Jen’s an adolescent researcher, and I’m a leadership expert, so you can count on us discovering many ways that supporting teens is basically a leadership practice. 

The truth is, whether we’re nurturing a teen or a team, the habits Jen studies- like self-awareness and mindfully processing our emotions, sharing our feelings and vulnerabilities, and claiming the stories that serve- are habits that support resilience.  Something we all need in this kinda crazy world. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How most of us can develop resilience through a number of different learned skills and habits.
  • The power of the habit of self-awareness, and how recognizing our emotions can stop the negative spirals.
  • Embracing positive emotions and developing habits of optimism.
  • We can combat negative stories by reframing and creating living into the narratives that serve us.

Find Jen's book here:

Jen's podcast: Hang in There with Jen & Jesse 

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