You Get A Reset!

Are you procrastinating your life away? Change your story and get productive instead!

Season #2 Episode #19

Everybody procrastinates. We have to. We can’t possibly do every single thing right now. But when we keep putting things off we’re often trying to protect ourselves from making mistakes or draining our energy.

Too much procrastination leaves us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. To feel more productive and end our days with a sense of achievement, we need to put a stop to the procrastination. One strategy is to adopt new stories about who we are and how we take action in the world.

Procrastination Coach Christine Li joins Kerri to explain how adopting a NEW STORY about who we are can totally change the way we feel about procrastinating. This strategy can flip our motivation and inspire us to happily do those things we used to avoid. And, over time we can evolve our habits until we no longer think of ourselves as procrastinators at all!

Listen in to hear Christine’s train analogy, what she thinks about the power of words, and why we really MUST bet on ourselves. Don’t delay, you won’t want to procrastinate listening to this one!

The Rise Way

Christina Li

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