You Get A Reset!

Did You Know? Stories LITERALLY Change Your Mind!

Season #2 Episode #15

Yep, stories change us. Literally. An engaging story starts a cascade of events in our bodies that alters our bodies at the molecular level. Our brains are re-wired, or as neuroscientists say, “live-wired.” 

And life changing stories are all around us- not just in books and movies, but in the news, in our relationships… even inside our own heads! That’s why it’s so important to understand the effect of stories on our beliefs AND our bodies, and to learn how to use stories to our advantage.

In this episode we talk about the science of story, and you’ll learn:

  • We can create stories with our thoughts, AND our thoughts create our stories;
  • How story got imbedded in our culture, and how the stories within our cultures shape our beliefs about the world; and,
  • How you can be more aware of these stories in and around you, to direct your thoughts and reclaim your own narrative. 

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