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How Being Kind is a Radical Secret Weapon

Season #2 Episode #20

In a time of so much turmoil, what if kindness can be revolutionary? What if kind thoughts and kind words could heal ourselves and the world? 

It can be hard to muster kindness when we’re feeling anxious, sad, even depleted. And most of us are feeling all of that these days. Be totally honest with yourself, have you been tempted to give up on you, your health, or your passion? Are you wondering if you’ll ever really have the positive impact you’ve worked so hard for? If so, you’re not alone. 

Hang in there. Kindness is a cure for that. But, it’s not about giving out to others when you’re depleted. We start with the first kindness, which is kindness to ourselves. What could be more revolutionary? 

Because we’ve grown up with the message that “hustle and grind” is more important than “center and align”.  That strict time management and hard, hard work are required for success.  That the measure of a good life is how much stuff we have or how much money we make.  But those are the wrong stories, so it's time we choose to tell ourselves better ones. 

Ready to get real? In this episode Kerri discusses nixing the narrative that you don’t have time. And how being kind to yourself can start a cascade of kindness. Not overnight, but over time. 

Ready to shush that critical voice and be a bit more kind to you? You’ll get inspiration and tangible actions in this episode.

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