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Hosted by: Kerri Altom

You’re ready to RISE into a brighter future- to explore new habits, new ideas, and new ways of being. Join award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and leadership expert Kerri Altom for ideas and strategies to help you...


The Secret of Our Stories? We RISE or Fall by Them

Season #1 Episode #12

Our stories create the meaning of our life. Is your life meaning what you want it to? Are you using the power of story to lead your life? Because we rise or fall by our stories, and your bad story habits may be...
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Let Go, Lead, & Say No- Secrets to Success with James Wedmore

Season #1 Episode #11

Ready to lead your life on purpose? In this interview with my friend and business mentor James Wedmore you’ll learn three essential habits to grow as leaders and entrepreneurs. Drawing on his own experiences of...
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Could This 3 Minute Habit Really Change Your Life?

Season #1 Episode #10

You know that feeling of spinning out of control?  Thinking and feeling WAY out of alignment with who you really are? You come back to your true self hours later and realize you’ve wasted so much time and energy. This...
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Ready to Lead Your Life on Purpose? A Framework is Key.

Season #1

You can lead a more powerful life: have more impact on the important causes; be a better influence on the important people; and, earn more income to fund the important things in life. And you can do it with less...
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Why This is The Perfect Time for Your Great Reset

Season #1 Episode #8

The world really HAS changed forever, and this is the perfect time to create a new vision for your ideal future. In this episode we talk about why we need a great reset, and why you should get ready to ride the wave...
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Indiana Jones and Your Quest for Integrity

Season #1 Episode #7

We're going on an adventure! We discover a weakness even heroes have.  When we do this it undermines our integrity, and it prevents us from achieving our goals. We dig in and explore this mistake with an Indiana Jones...
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How to Encourage Your Instincts- The Integrity Gut Check Episode

Season #1 Episode #6

You can’t have integrity if you don’t even know what your values are! A great way to get clarity on your values- your true, personal values- is to listen to your instincts.  In this episode, Kerri shines a light on 3...
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Integrity- You'll Never Believe WHO Actually Has It

Season #1 Episode #5

Integrity is so important. Like the air we breathe, our integrity gives life to our relationships, our work, and the impact of our lives and dies by integrity. But, most of us aren’t REALLY sure what integrity even...
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3 Things I LOVE About Radical Love

Season #1 Episode #4

As the world changes and opportunities shift,  what's the best way to grow your positive impact and income without sacrificing your integrity?  It begins and ends with LOVE. Radical love,  love, love.In this episode...
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Make Friends with Your Fears

Season #1 Episode #3

We think our fears keep us safe, but really they keep us stuck! Kerri explores our fears- what fears are, and how ignoring and denying our fears sets us back. She offers a new strategy for dealing with our fear. ...
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You Are Powerful. Does that Scare You?

Season #1 Episode #2

What if I told you that you are powerful? And that your choices- to fall into fear, or to lean into love- can make a critical difference in the world. Would you believe me?What if I told pointed to the many little...
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The Power of Story- Kerri's Keeping it Real

Season #1 Episode #1

Our stories are a powerful driver of our motivations, and they're often the source of our most deeply held values.  Making sense of our experiences can be an exercise in creating meaning and defining our purpose. The...
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