You Get A Reset!

The Secret of Our Stories? We RISE or Fall by Them

Season #1 Episode #12

Our stories create the meaning of our life. Is your life meaning what you want it to? Are you using the power of story to lead your life? Because we rise or fall by our stories, and your bad story habits may be keeping you down. 

In this episode, Kerri shares:

  • A simple story most of us can relate to;
  • The dangers of ignoring how stories work in our brains; and,
  • How creating new stories can transform your future. 

Learning to recognize the stories around you- in your self-talk and your relationships, at work, and out in the world- will change your life. Then you can begin editing out the junk, and start surprising yourself with how quickly you can transform the meaning of even your most challenging experiences. Kerri shares an example of how she uses the power of story to help leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs to grow their impact and income. Leaving a legacy starts with a vision we embody through our stories. 

You can create and live into a new, conscious truth about who you are, what you believe in, and how your experiences will guide your future. It begins with your story.

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