You Get A Reset!

Could This 3 Minute Habit Really Change Your Life?

Season #1 Episode #10

You know that feeling of spinning out of control?  Thinking and feeling WAY out of alignment with who you really are? You come back to your true self hours later and realize you’ve wasted so much time and energy. This super simple habit is an awesome answer.

Yes, meditation seems daunting. I get it. But MINDFULNESS is easy. Rejoice! You don’t have to sit like a pretzel on the floor for hours. Kerri introduces you to her favorite daily mindfulness habit, These 3 Things. It’s easy to adopt These 3 Things and develop a daily habit of being centered and grounded in your true self. 

In this episode we introduce mindfulness, a powerful tool to change your life. You’ll learn:

  • Centering your energy is mindful medicine for you (hint- we’re talking mind, body, and overall life);
  • Aligning your breathing and posture with simple phrases works to de-bug harmful subconscious programming in your brain, resets your parasympathetic nervous system, and reminds you that YOU control your thoughts;
  • How you can create a mindfulness practice in 3 easy steps, in 3 minutes or less a day.

Mindfulness is key to ROOTING ourselves in your ideal energy, the first of three modes of The RISE Way framework. When you are attuned to your true self, you are ready to RISE to your great potential and REACH for your dreams. 

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