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What is the Danger of a Single Story?

Season #2 Episode #14

You'll never think of stories the same!  Season 2 is about the power of stories- what our stories tell us about ourselves and the world, why our stories define our reality, and how we can use our stories to create a better life and a better world.
This is the "History and Story" episode, exploring the big picture of history and how the stories we tell about the past really DON’T stay in the past. The stories of our history inform our values in the present, and they define our future.
In this first episode of Season 2 Kerri interviews historian Donna Sinclair, discussing how history is manipulated by which stories are shared, why she works to collect a broad range of stories,  and the power of seeking out many stories to better understand our past, know ourselves in the present,  and shape inspiring visions for the future.

Bottom line, all our stories are important. Understanding the stories of many different people- of all genders, races, and socio-economic backgrounds- is the only way to a full understanding of our history. And it may be the best way for us to find compassion for others now.


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