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Know Your Reason

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Ever gotten lost in the woods? The disorientation is scary, your mind racing with fear-based thinking making it hard to remember where you've been or where you're going.

Our core values can guide us, we just need to know how to read our map and compass.

I've had that experience, and I'm still shocked at how quickly the little flickers or panic rose in me. I feel most at home in nature and forests are a comfort to me, but when I realized I'd taken the wrong trail and didn't know where I was it was hard to stay calm. By the time I'd backtracked to the right trail my mind had raced through all the possible overnight survival strategies, who'd be worried about me, what they'd do, the poor search and rescue team who'd be called from their family plans to search for a stupid hiker who lost her way.

It's no wonder we feel disoriented in the world. Mapping our core values and being mindful of the journey we choose leads to experiences deeper and richer than anything in a travel brochure.

We are so connected to the world outside us, especially with the demands of digital technologies, that we struggle to connect to the world within us. It's no wonder we're so often feeling lost, distracted, unsure of the purpose behind all the hustling here and there.

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